Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher


Custom Bone Runes


Custom Bone Readings are a new feature as of 2015 wherein Sarah makes a custom set of bone runes for you either by artistic request or randomly.  There are two packages to choose from, chicken bones or an eclectic set of bones that include many animals.  The bones are cleaned, polished, designed, blessed and packaged for you and include a custom guide to read your bones and use for either personal divination or otherwise. They are shipped with a small bottle of holy water and a temporary cloth for your space to 'throw the bones'. 

Bones are a traditional and anthropological celebration of divination! Humans have used bone readings to decode their future and spiritual guides for centuries.  Become a part of this ancient tradition and expand your divination tools to the unique and organic BONES.

Bone sets take anywhere from 2 weeks to a full month to complete and therefore suggest you order accordingly.  Bone Runes are a rare gift to celebrate the culture of divination!

Do you have a theme for your Bones or would you prefer Random?

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