Sarah Soderlund

Forensic Psychology & Parapsychology Researcher


Therapy/Guidance Session


Theraputic sessions are done via Skype and therefore you can find all the comforts of healing at home with the benefits of a licensed hypnotherapist and educated psychologist on hand. These sessions can be used for behavioral management, life coaching, talk therapy, or working through issues with the paranormal, conspiracy concerns, hauntings, pre/post exorcism or life trauma. I will require an email for the initial assessments to be completed as well for the delivery of a bill of rights.

I require 1 day notice of cancellation of an appointment and I am willing to work in a 24/7 schedule. Measured in a 1 hour increment.

I may not be licensed in your state (as clients can even be international) and use the term 'psychologist' based on graduate and post graduate education (all of which is accredited). On behalf of Minnesota, I do mandate all clients fill out and receive HIPPA and a bill of patient rights.

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